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Traudel Lange is such an organized, smart, efficient and business-savvy woman. She is an absolute pleasure to work with and always upbeat. We knew everything would work out because she quite simply had it handled. We knew to completely trust her and her incredible instincts. She makes selling a house and buying a new one somehow seem easy. We don't know how she does it, but she does it with grace and charm. Look no further — Traudel should be your agent! - November 2015

- Scott G.

We had the strong and steady guidance of Traudel Lange behind us and beside us as we hunted for the perfect house for our family. We could not have asked for a better and a more professional team. We recommend them highly.

After getting to know what our family's needs were, our tastes and our lifestyle choices, Traudel showed us only the houses that she knew held potential. We greatly appreciated having her sort through the listings for us instead of trying to show us everything out there as other realtors have done in the past. We were on a tight time frame and Traudel ensured that we moved quickly but in a determined manner through new listings. We felt as though we were her top-most priority—thank you, Traudel!

Traudel was also extremely helpful in helping manage our expectations and the expectations of potential sellers in terms of working to a common goal. We never felt that Traudel was trying to push or force us into a decision one way or another. She might not have agreed with us on certain aspects of negotiating the fine points of a deal, and while she let us know gently, she had our best interests at heart.

Her endless supply of granola bars kept our children humming the whole time we were house hunting, and we loved the rapport both Traudel had with our children. Our daughter even explained to us one night over dinner that "real estate agents are the spice of life!"

Dear Traudel, thank you for all your work in helping us find the right house for us—as soon as we are unpacked, you must come by! - June 2015

- Aditi Menon-Broker and Neel Broker

The most important thing when working with a real estate agent is trust. We have been extremely lucky to have found Traudel Lange as our trusted real estate agent. As a European family we relocated to the US several years ago and moved back to Europe very recently. With Traudel’s excellent support we found the perfect home and we sold it when we moved back to Europe — even before it went on the market. Traudel very professionally and diligently guided us through the purchasing and selling process — always available, super-fast response times, great advice, very thorough knowledge of the Bethesda housing market, a real pleasure to work with. Thank you Traudel! - May 2015

- Markus Repnik and Linda Klare

Thank you so much for undertaking to manage the sale of my residence in Chevy Chase, DC, and the purchase of my new home. I can't tell you how much it means to me to be safe, happy and remaining among familiar faces and friends just a block and a half from my former home.

Downsizing was a wise decision and you helped make it so.

You eagerly came to a challenge in selling/buying a home on a timeline which met my needs. From the outset in our discussions, I sensed a person of high ethical standards. I was confident wise advice would guide me through a complicated process and everything legal and financial would be properly tended.

You demonstrated an impressive knowledge of multiple neighborhoods, marketing/pricing, financial intricacies, staging and the ability to present complicated real estate concepts clearly and concisely.

Your patience and diligence in answering questions are unsurpassed.

Return of phone calls/reply to correspondence was unfailingly prompt.

You have a wonderful capacity to both listen and understand a client's wants and needs and to help the two concepts gently meet.

Always there was great attention to detail from beginning to end and beyond in making sure your client and new home were the best match.

You are tireless in pursuit of the best interests of your client. I always felt you were working for me, part of which was helping me see the potential buyer's view, but always leaving me knowing the decision was mine and you would see it through with me regardless.

Your assurances at every step of the way meant everything to me.

The real estate profession I discovered is not for sissies. Yet I found an extraordinarily astute representative of charm, grace, kindness and uncompromising determination to do the very best for her client ... and succeed you did.

Traudel, you are my Realtor for Life!

Bless you and thank you, Traudel Lange. - December 2014

- Ernest J. Pappajohn

Traudel Lange is a consummate professional. She gave me great service when my husband and I wanted to downsize and sell our Cleveland Park home. I followed her staging advice, and a subsequent bidding war meant the house sold in 2009 for over the asking price. When it was time to buy again in fall 2013, she helped us uncover a smaller home for sale in another walkable DC neighborhood — Tenleytown/AU, across from green space, and a block from a playground, should we ever have grandchildren. She even visited me post-sale, advising which home improvements will pay off when we (or our heirs) sell again.

I recommended her to a friend, who also had a successful sale, took the proceeds and bought in expensive San Francisco. I recommend her to you. - October 2014

- Rachel Michaud

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